Repeat prescriptions
  You can request a repeat prescription by completing and submitting an online form. First you will need to read and accept our terms and conditions. Click on the heading above.

How to register

You can register by bringing along your NHS medical card or completing a GMS1 form available from reception. You will be asked to bring 2 forms of identification with you, one of which should be proof of your address.

All new patients have a health check with a practice nurse. We cannot fully register you with the practice until this has been carried out. You can, of course, see a doctor if you have an urgent problem.      Please Note:  Patients who fail to attend for their new patient check or to cancel it, will not be taken on the practice list. 

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We run all our surgeries by an appointment only system. Appointments between 8.45 and 9.15 am, some afternoon and evenings each day can be pre-booked with the doctor of your choice up to 4 weeks in advance. We book appointments at 10 minute intervals. The remaining appointments can only be booked on the day.

  • LATE SURGERIES:  the Practice has late surgeries on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at our Leylands surgery (occasionally on Wednesday evenings also). Appointments are available at these surgeries until 7.30 pm.

Please ring to book appointments as early as possible in the morning. Please arrive on time and always ring the surgery if you are unable to keep your appointment so that it can be offered to someone else. Our aim is to try and see patients on the same day; however this may not always be possible.


Home visits are for the housebound, very elderly and seriously ill. If you require a visit, these should be requested between 8.30 and 10.00 am to allow the doctors to plan their visits. The receptionist will request details of the problem so the visiting doctor can prioritise the call.

Please try to come to the surgery whenever possible, as facilities at the surgery are far better for examination purposes and treatment.


If you do not need an appointment but would like advice or to speak to a doctor, please ask reception to arrange for the doctor to call you, preferably on a landline number. It would be helpful to the doctor if you could give brief details of the problem when making the request


Many appointments are lost each week as some patients fail to attend their booked appointment or cancel it if they are unable to attend. Due to the large number of appointments involved, the Practice has no alternative but to issue a letter to such patients where they miss 2 appointments, warning them that they will have to register with another practice if they fail to attend a further appointment.

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Clinic Description Time
Antenatal Clinic Routine antnatal check-ups by our qualified midwife. Please contact reception to make an appointment
Well Baby Clinic Our health visitor holds open clinics for general advice, problem solving, health checks and immunisations. Please do not bring your baby to this clinic if he/she is unwell, instead contact the health visitor direct or via the receptionists

Leylands - Tuesdays 1.30 to 2.30 pm

Wrose - Wednesdays 1.00 to 2.30 pm


Vaccinations are the best known way of preventing some diseases. All adult and childhood vaccinations are available at the surgery. For advice, please speak to the practice nurse.  There is a routine computerised call up system for children who will receive an invitation to attend for their routing vaccinations. 

We run FLU vaccination sessions at both surgeries in October.
Ask at reception for further information.

Please contact reception to make an appointment
Travel Immunisations and Advice If you are planning to travel abroad, especially outside of Europe, you may need extra vaccinations. Travel immunisations and advice are available at the surgery; you will need to fill in a travel questionnaire (available from reception or download from our "library" section found in "other information") at least 4 weeks before you travel Please contact reception for questionnaire and to make an appointment
Family Planning Our doctors and nurses provide a full range of contraceptive services, including coil and cap fitting. Please contact reception to make an appointment
Chlamydia Screening The practice offers Clam screening to patients aged between 15 and 25. A urine sample is all that is needed. The results are confidential and are sent direct to the patient, not to the surgery. Screening packs can be picked up in reception or from the doctor, nurse or receptionists.  
Sexual Health Clinic

At the Heaton site we run 2 dedicated sexual health and contraception clinics.We offer a full range of sexual health tests which include: chlamydia and gonorrhoea, thrush, HIV and syphilis. We also offer a comprehensive range of contraceptive services, The pill, implant, coil, injection and free condoms. From November 2011  we will be running a walk-in service at the Wrose site from 3.30pm-5.30pm, every Monday, called Safe @ Wrose.

Please contact reception to make an appointment
Well Woman Clinic For smear tests and general health advice Please contact reception to make an appointment
Health Promotion Clinics Health screening involves picking up the earliest signs of illness before it has chance to damage your health. There are a variety of ways in which this is offered in our practice. There is an open invitation to all our adult patients to see the practice nurse for a health check including weight, height and blood pressure. Practice nurses can advise you on diet, smoking cessation and other aspects of your lifestyle. Cholesterol screening and ECG monitoring are available on request from the doctor Please contact reception to make an appointment
Minor Surgery The removal of moles, cysts, ingrowing toenails and injection of joints can be undertaken at the surgery, saving you a hospital visit. Please make an appointment to see the doctor first if you think you may require any of these services  
Asthma Clinic This clinic is run by our nurse and monitors asthma control. If you are using inhalers, you should have a check up every year. Please bring your inhalers with you when you attend the clinic. If you receive a letter asking you to attend for an annual check and you do not wish to attend, please inform reception to prevent further letters from being sent to you.  
Diabetes Clinic These clinics are run by a team of dedicated professionals skilled in diabetes care, including dieticians, podiatrists, nurses and doctors. All diabetics are invited to attend regularly to help them look after their diabetes.  
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) If you have been diagnosed with colitis, you will be asked to attend the clinic at least once a year. Please bring your inhalers with you. If you receive a letter asking you to attend for an annual check and you do not wish to attend, please inform reception to prevent further letters from being sent to you.  
Healthy Heart Clinic All patients with a history of heart problems are invited to attend our clinic once a year for a check up and advice. Patients need to arrange a blood test one week before their check up so that up to date advice can be given. Please make an appointment with reception. If you receive a letter asking you to attend for an annual check and you do not wish to attend, please inform reception to prevent further letters being sent to you.  
Physiotherapy We are able to provide physiotherapy services at the surgery and if appropriate, the doctor will refer you to these services  


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Repeat prescriptions

To ensure that you are always given the correct medication and to help keep the telephone lines open for booking of appointments, home visits and emergencies, you may only order repeat prescriptions either online via this website (follow instructions at the top of this page) or by ticking the items you need on the white slip attached to your last prescription. This slip can then be handed in at reception, put through the surgery letterbox (when closed) or posted to us.

We have a computerised system for our prescriptions, which helps both patients and ourselves. However, we do ask for at least 48 hours notice when you request a repeat prescription.

We are keen to ensure that patients with ongoing medical problems are monitored regularly. If the date for your next review with a doctor or nurse has passed you may be asked to make an appointment.

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Sick Notes

If you are absent from work due to illness for less than 7 calendar days, you need to obtain a form SC2 from your employer. If after 7 days you are still unwell, you will need to see a doctor who may then issue a medical certificate. For illness of less than 7 days, a private certificate may be issued if your employer requires one. A fee is payable for this item-please ask at reception.

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Test results

Results of blood tests, x-rays and other investigations are available each day. As our telephones are very busy in the early morning, we ask you to telephone in person for test results after 10.00 am.

To ensure confidentiality, we only release results to the patient, unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing. You should allow at least 5 working days for the results to come back. Some tests may take longer. Sometimes the doctor will suggest you make an appointment to be given a result or that he/she needs to speak to you directly. The receptionist will advise you if this is necessary.

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Non-NHS services

The NHS does not pay for some of the services we provide for our patients. These include private sick notes, insurance forms, holiday cancellation forms, HGV and PSV certificates, medical reports, fitness to travel certificates, private prescriptions, letters to schools/colleges/employers and some vaccination services. Our fees for these services, which are in line with BMA approved national guidelines, are displayed in the surgery. Please check the charge when booking an appointment or handing in your form. Please note: any forms must be handed to the doctor or nurse.


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